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Frequently asked questons

How to buy soccer predictions ?

Step 1 : Click on BUY NOW page on soccer-capper and choose soccer game

Step 2 : Pay 78 $ for single soccer tip with Paypal or VISA

Step 3 : Receive paid prediction on your e-mail and use it.

How to start your successful online betting

The future is online! Good old times when you had to go to the nearest football betting post are at their end. There are a lot of advantages not only higher odds. There are a lot of live comments , considerably wide choice of what to bet on your money and it is not needed to leave your sofa.
It is not complicated to bet online. The process is similar to buying products online. Online bookmakers are like all other online traders but they pay you if you win.

Step 1 : Visit a bookmaker's website

To start your online betting you need to visit your chosen bookmaker's website. You can pick anyone from the crowd but we advice you to choose the most trustworthy one from the statistics. There is a lot of information and analysis about it.

Step 2: Open an account

This stage could make a lot of people to quit because the bookmaker will ask you for personal information. They just want to know you are over 18 years and who are you. You don't have to worry about it, your information won't be published anywhere. Opening the account takes around 3 minutes.

Step 3 : Chose a deposit method

It comes to your personal preferences. You can use Visa or Paypal account. Just chose your way and follow the steps. Bookmaker's website are safety and secure , otherwise they won't be let to do their business.

Step 4 : Find an appropriate bet

Here is the exciting part. The actual betting! After you complete the three steps above you just type your login details and go betting. If this is your first bet, make it winning and memorable. Use our paid soccer predictions to reach your success.

Step 5 – actual betting

We recommend to focus on a team you are familiar with. Follow the instructions on the bookmaker's website to find a bet. Complete the steps and do your bet!

Step 6 – relax and enjoy the game!

Once you bet you can not go back. So watch the match with your friends and drink your favorite beer!

To reinvest the profit or to withdraw the money – what is better?

It depends on you. We recommend to stick to amount of money you could afford to lose.

What information needs to be in a valid prognosis?

Every prediction should consist the following information: tournament, match, prediction, coefficient, explanation.
The Analysis is an important part of the forecast.

We hope this post will help all beginners on betting, who want to play online but do not now how. Do not hesitate to contact us for questions about our paid prognosis.