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One of Liverpool`s promising talents has long been committed

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Welsh striker Ben Woodward signed a new long-term contract with Liverpool, the club said. He has become Liverpool`s youngest golfer last year after he scored 2-0 against Hull City in a League Cup match predicted by live stream soccer when he was 17 and 45 days old. He was 98 days younger than former England national Michael Owen, who had a record in Liverpool since 1997.

`I`m glad to have signed up with Liverpool because I want to stay in this club for as long as possible, and when I was told that the contract was waiting for me at the table, my only wish was to sign it, ` he said. the youngster. Manager Jurgen Klop added: `Ben has a huge talent, even though he is very young, and we do not call him the Prince of Wales without reason. ` Judging by his expression, however, he prefers not to do so.

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