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Soccer Capper Hyde is expecting an offer from Kings, but time is running out

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Buddy Hyld wants to keep playing for Sacramento, but hinted that if he doesn`t get a new contract offer soon enough, things may take a different look. The Guard arrived in the state of California in 2017 from New Orleans, and the 2018/2019 season has been the strongest for him since being in the NBA. The Bahamian shooter scored 20. 7 points and played in all of King`s 82 games, as well as making 2. 5 assists and mastering 5. 0 fights per game.

We have to do this. I want it to end, for sure. Because if it doesn`t, things can take a different look. Sacramento is where I want to be. I see my future here. We still have a week and a half to see what happens, but again I say I want to be here, commented on Sacramento Bee`s current situation, Heald.

The Guard may receive an offer in the next 10 days, but so far there is no sign of such a move on the part of Vlad Divac and the club via soccer-capper management. If he does not re-sign with the Kings by October 21, he will be a restricted free agent next summer, and in order to retain him, Sacramento will have to respond to him with an equal amount.

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