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Capello:Trainer of Italy? I prefer to be an analyst

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Expert specialist Fabio Capello has denied the capability to head Italy`s national team, saying his stay in Jiangsu Suning is the last of his career. The former Milan, Juventus and Real Madrid mentor has shared his opinion that there are no talented players in Skuadra Azzura who are able to make the difference:

Coach of the national team? No, I already had such an experience with England and Russia. My last team was Jiangsu Suning. Now I`m glad to be an analyst. You always win when you work that kind of thing. Is Manchini the Right Choice? Currently, the national team suffers from a lack of leaders and footballers who can make the difference, Capello for Radio Anch `i Sport has begun. Manchini has enough experience and that will help him, but our national team has no talents, there are players who do well in Serie A but do not play well in the representative team of Italy and have to experiment, finished 71-year-old coach.

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