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There is still a mystery surrounding the real age of the most famous footballer of the Borussia children`s team (Dortmund). Yusuf Mukoko says he is 12 years old, although few are the ones who believe him. Die Welt asked for an official report from the Hamburg municipality, confirming that according to his birth certificate, the dark player is really 12.

Doubts rely on the fact that a kid who has solid physics for his age is kicking forBorussia`s team to 17 years and scored eight goals in eight games. That`s why all the rivals point him with his finger and blame Dortmund for fraud. The Mukoko`s parents are cameramen (his mother is 28 years old), but his father has a German passport for 25 years. Yusufa was born in the African country but also has German citizenship.

Immediately after his birth I registered him at the German consulate in Yaounde, my father swears. Die Welt has also consulted the Foreign Ministry, but they deny the father that he has done so. These discrepancies only reinforce the doubts. At this stage, the German Football Union is not afraid of any sanctions, and Mukoko plays for the Bundestama until 16 years of age.

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