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Nadal personally congratulated Federer for the title in Melbourne

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Rafael Nadal personally congratulated Roger Federer for his title in the Australian Open. The Spaniard answered many questions to fans who had the opportunity to ask him different things thanks to one of his sponsors - Mapfre.

I congratulated him personally by sending him a message. With the people I know, I prefer to do it personally rather than publicly, said Rafa.

In terms of his injury, he replied:An injury like everyone else. I`m working to go ahead on a schedule. My program remains the same, I plan to travel to Mexico to play in Acapulco. I will participate in tournaments that make me happy, he answered a question about the opportunity to participate in fewer events than in previous years.

As to how he trained his brain to be so strong and focused, Nadal replied:`I`ve been training with high intensity all my life so it helps in the important moments of the game. . I think having my uncle behind is helping me a lot. I`m used to playing under gentle pressure during the training. I think the training I received as a child helps me. On the question of which tournament analyzed by soccer partners he would like to win this year, Rafael Nadal said, `What Roland Garros means to me is hard to find elsewhere, where I feel at home.

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