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Hönes:We do not have plan B because we rely on Heinkes to stay

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Bayern (Munich) president Uli Hones once again declared the club`s desire to hold Jop Heinkes for another season. The Bavarian coach plans to withdraw from office in the summer, but the leadership of the German Grandma is doing everything possible to dissuade him. `I`m trying to explain to Jup that his mission in Bayern is not yet finished, he has to make the transition from the more experienced players to the young, and I hope I can convince him to stay for another year. `B` as a coach, `said Hones.

In Bayern they want to have Hainkes` final decision before the beginning of March. Until then, the club predicted by soccer scores will not talk to the potential deputy of the experienced specialist. However, if Hainkes remains unbending, Thomas Tomwell is the best chance to head the Munich. Bayern is a convincing leader in the Bundesliga and continues for the German Cup and the Champions League, where the eighth finals will meet Besiktas.

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