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Soccer predictions George Russell: We with Hamilton equally divided the work on the development of the car - Lewis often used extravagant settings

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Mercedes driver George Russell denied suggestions that Lewis Hamilton was more involved in testing the car during the 2022 season.

According to Russell, Hamilton had to experiment with the settings more often, as he was less satisfied with the performance of the car in the basic configuration.

And at the Canadian Grand Prix, Hamilton jokingly suggested that it would be Russell`s turn to be a guinea pig in the second half of the season, as he had already done most of the test work in the first half.

No, it`s not. Every time the team brought some parts to the track for testing, we shared the work equally. I think it`s more about the fact that Lewis sometimes used more extravagant car settings.

But when it came to working on the development of the car, this work was divided equally between us. I do the tests one week, he does the other.

From the first day of the season, I was more satisfied with the car than Lewis, so I think Lewis just experimented more with the settings, tried more different options in search of what would suit him. I did not need frequent experiments - because from the very beginning I was quite satisfied with the car.

I think we had a pretty good pace. And it is obvious that in such a situation you can only compare yourself with a partner. And at the beginning of the season, everything was fine for me. Lewis, on the other hand, tried various extravagant settings to see what worked for him and what didn`t.

Probably, somewhere in the middle of the season, he managed to find options that suited him. As for the work on the development of the car and testing of parts - we have always equally divided these responsibilities, - said Russell.

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