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Cants with an unexpected scuffle at home

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The NY Cants continued to write shameful pages in their history. The giants recorded a seventh loss from the start of the season, relegating at 17:51 at LA Rems home. Admitted points are their worst achievement on their own terrain in over half a century. Quarterback quarterfar Jared Goff stayed on the perfetch score of 14 out of 22 for 311 yards and four touchdowns. Todd Gurley added two by land, and Greg Zearline scored 27, 46 and 47 yards.
Sunday`s Cants are visiting San Francisco, who broke the club`s record for the worst start of the season. The neighbours lost at home from Arizona at 10:20, finding no counteraction to Adrian Peterson. The veteran had the ball in his possession 39 times, running 159 yards. The match mentioned by soccer scores also offered a mass battle two minutes before the end, when former San Francisco player Adrian Bette tried to decapitate quarterback CJ Bethard. As a result, two Arizona players and host-runner Carlos Heid were expelled.
Mass fight had two more matches on Sunday. Weed Cincinnati`s AJ Greene was sent to the dressing room ahead of schedule, along with Jacksonville Coronel Jane Ramsey for an attempt to strangle him. Jaguars won 23: 7 and continued to split first in AFC South.
Mike Evans (TB) has caused a massive melee angry with another loss of the corsairs. Tampa Bay lost 10:30 from New Orleans and supported the bottom at NFC South. To his regret for Evans, who took a 13-yard pass, he was not even driven out and stayed on the ground until the end of humiliation.

NY Jets -;Buffy 34: 21

Tennessee -;Baltimore 23:20

New Orleans -;Tampa Bay 30: 10

NY Cants -;LA Rems 17: 51

Philadelphia -;Denver 51: 23

Carolina -;Atlanta 20: 17

Jacksonville -;Cincinnati 23: 7

Houston -;Indianapolis 14: 20

San Francisco -;Ariz. 10: 20

Seattle -;Washington 14: 17

Dallas -;Kansas City 28: 17

Miami -;Oakland 24:27

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