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Manchester City manager Joseph Guardiola said that in a controversial situation, the players should not stop the game, but continue until a referee signal is heard. Guardiola gave the example of Joao Cancello`s goal in the 5-0 victory over West Bromwich last night. The Portuguese scored for 2:0 in the 20th minute, after the players of West Bromwich stopped playing due to a flag raised for an ambush by the side referee. After checking with VAR, it turned out that there was no ambush and the hit was counted.

Manchester City ran over West Bromwich on their way to the top

`I understand the dissatisfaction of the West Bromwich players and their manager. But under these rules you have to play to the last. You don`t have to stop just because the VAR can cancel or score a goal. That`s a good lesson for us too. Now it`s West. Bromine, but tomorrow we may be the victims `, commented Pep Guardiola.

City achieved its seventh consecutive victory in the Premier League and topped the standings with a point ahead of city rival Manchester United, which tonight hosts the last Sheffield United.

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