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In Barca they are shaking for Sergi Roberto

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Barcelona`s multi-player Sergi Roberto may stay out of Ernesto Valverde`s account for next month. The 25-year-old Spanish national, who is generally a midfielder but has often been used in a number of other positions, mostly as a right-wing defender in recent seasons, has only played a half-time with zero draw against Olympiacos in the Champions League and left because of an injury.

The blagranas adolescent received a thigh in the 42th minute of last night`s match, and the doubts of the medical headquarters are an even more serious trauma, but more clarity will follow the results of the comprehensive medical examinations today. The club worries that it may be a rupture that will leave it out of the terrain for even longer. Within the next month Barca has two important duels for the championship predicted by soccer scores - Sevilla`s host and Valencia`s visit, while a Shunde will be a visit to Juventus.

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