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Soccer prediction A late drama in Sardinia brought Lazio closer to the leaders

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Lazio`s team entered the battle for the Serie A title. The Roman `Eagles` came only 3 points ahead of leaders Inter and Juventus after a 2-1 success as Cagliari`s guest in the last match of the 16th round. The success did not come easily for Lazio, who was behind in the lead up to the 90th minute. Cagliari made a bunch of passes in the second half and paid dearly for distracted play. Prior to that defeat, the Sardinians were in a magnificent 14-game losing streak in all tournaments, having last known the taste of defeat against Inter on September 1st.

In the 72nd minute, Cagliari missed the match after Simeone could not find the outline of the goal from a very close distance. In the 76th minute, Joao Pedro missed and Cagliari later claimed a penalty to play with Cataldo`s hand, but it was not awarded. In the 83rd minute Lazio missed a great opportunity. After centering Lazari, Immobil shoots with a header from close range, but the ball goes past the sideline.

Another great chance for Cagliari was wasted 4 minutes before the end of the regular time, as Farago, who came in as a reserve, slipped into the wet field in the penalty area and failed to strike the ball.

The home side paid for the missing time after Luis Alberto equalized. This came after an attack from the right, the ball was centered in the penalty area, where he touched the hand of Cagliari`s defender, and while the other Lazio players claimed a penalty, Alberto shot and sent the ball into the net, although goalkeeper Rafael managed to play with his right hand. her. Deep in the added time, Lazio came to victory after a goal by Felipe Caysedo with a header. Immediately after the center, the referee played the end of the match analyzed by soccer betting odds so Cagliari had no time for any reaction.

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