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Soccer prediction At Camp Nou`s Head Show, Messi showed the Ball and got another one

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The Spanish champion Barcelona won convincingly 5-2 over away Majorca in a 16th round match analyzed by all soccer predictions of La Liga. Lionel Messi picked up the Golden Ball and 90 minutes later left with a new ball, which is tradition after a hat trick. The Argentine signed in the 17th, 41st and 83rd minutes.

Also accurate for the Catalans were Antoine Griezmann (7) and Luis Suarez (43). The Balearic Islands team scored two hits via Ante Budimir (36 and 64). With success, Barca regained the lead thanks to a better header than Real Madrid.

Los kules captain Lionel Messi will show the Golden Ball to Camp Nou`s audience. Next to the Argentine, Ernesto Valverde placed Luis Suarez and Antoine Griezmann. Junior Firpo again replaced the injured Jordi Alba. Ivan Rakitic got a chance to be the title holder in a second consecutive meeting with Atletico Madrid. Balearic mentor Vicente Moreno bet on an attack on Budimir, backed by Danny Rodriguez and Takefusa Kubo.

Before the meeting, Messi`s eldest son, Tiago, presented the `Golden Ball` to his dad, which made it a joy for Camp Nou`s audience.

Within the first three minutes, both teams had one dangerous action. First, guests from Palma sharpened their attack, as the referee passed a foul against Cubo in front of the penalty box. In the retaliation, Griezmann got into the penalty box and the Frenchman fired a shot but no one hit the ball.

In the seventh minute, Marc-Andre ter Stegen completed an outing in a brilliant way that brought him assists on the score. The German guard kicked the ball to the left flank, the visitors` defender did not appreciate the situation well and allowed Griezmann to get out and get ahead. Number 17 of the Catalans reached the penalty area and dug technically over the goalkeeper`s pitch for 1-0. Only seconds later the Son Mosh team missed a great corner opportunity.

In the 15th minute Sergio Busquets fired a header after a corner kick and hampered goalkeeper Manolo Reina. Two minutes later Leo Messi scored a great goal in his style. Leo turned the ball from 20 meters to the far top corner - 2-0. In the 23rd Messi, Griezmann and Suarez made a magical multi-pass combination, but it did not end with a blow. In the 27th, Uruguay`s Los Cules `Nine` hit a nine-meter-long beam that bounced the ball into the near beam and then passed close to the goal line.

In the 30th Messi took hold of his chest and fired from a small angle. The goalkeeper had sealed the space and was in the corner. The hosts continued to easily cut through the islanders` defense. In the 32nd, Suarez stood up front against the goalkeeper, feinting, but then failed to steer, losing balance. In the 36th Balearic team returned one goal. Budimir took the ball into the penalty area and fired diagonally, the ball bounced to Cleman Langle`s leg, lifted and moved away from Ter Stegen, falling into the net.

It was like angry bluegrass, and two more quick goals followed in Majorca`s net. In the 41st Messi scored another traditional goal, turning the ball from 19 yards with reduced visibility for the goalkeeper.

Two minutes later, the Barcelona team built Soccer prediction - more details and information: Soccer prediction

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