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Ron Rivera became the second sacked coach in the NFL this season. The Carolina boss was kicked off four weeks before the end of the championship, in which his team would virtually be guaranteed a pass with the playoffs. The Panthers have lost four straight games prediction by soccer partners and are third in the NFC South with scores of 5-7, and their chances of participating in the eliminations are purely mathematical.
This is the best solution in the long run. I respect Ron a lot for what he did for the team. I wish him all the best. The search for a new Carolina coach starts immediately, team owner David Tepper announced.
Rivera became the Panthers coach in 2011. In his eight full seasons, he won three divisional titles and led Carolina to the Super Bowl 50-only the second team appearance in the NFL title game. Rivera was selected as the NFL Coach of the Season twice, but ever since Teper bought the team from founder Jerry Richardson, the friction between them has not been an everyday occurrence.
Carolina is visiting Atlanta on Sunday, with former cornerback Perry Fuehl in the role of coach.

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