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Soccer tips Brescia`s owner yelled at Balotelli

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Brescia striker Mario Balotelli was called to talk by club owner Massimo Celino. On Thursday, he was kicked out of training the team after a scuffle with coach Fabio Grosso. Now the boss has asked to clarify the situation and to smooth the relationship between the two.
Balotelli arrived at the club base around 2:00 pm local time, after which he had a 10-minute meeting with Celino. Immediately after, he became fully engaged in the Friday activity.

Celino is believed to have forgiven Super Mario`s wrongdoing and signaled that he would continue to vote for him in the future. Now, however, it will be curious what coach Fabio Grosso`s reaction will be and what his explanation for the situation of the 28-year-old striker will be.
Brescia has been performing very poorly since the start of the Serie A seasons and is last in the ranking with only 7 points in his asset. The club according soccer tips and predictions definitely do not need extra tension at this difficult time. On Sunday, the Blues have a heavy visit to Roma at Olympico.

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