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Eight more games will be played tonight in the fourth round of the Champions League group stage. Last night`s fights seriously raised the adrenaline of fans, and the expectations are today to witness exciting clashes.

In Group A there are the Real Madrid - Galatasaray and Paris Saint-Germain - Bruges meetings. Parisians have recorded three victories so far and today they will try to take the fourth and secure the first place in the group. Real Madrid, on the other hand, have only four points and success over Galatasaray is a must, so as not to tremble in the remaining two rounds.

In group B there are meetings Bayern - Olympiacos and Red Star - Tottenham. The Bavarians, who fired coach Nico Kovac, recorded three wins with an impressive goal difference of 13:4 and look confident in the 1/8-finals. In Belgrade, the local Red Star and Tottenham will face off in a direct duel for second place and the duel is expected with increased interest.

In Group C, the outsiders Atalanta and Manchester City meet, with the Bergamo team being the last chance to retain chances of a third place and continue in the Europa League.

In the second match, Dinamo Zagreb and Shakhtar Donetsk face each other, who have four points each and will largely determine who will finish after Sinless City in the stream. The matches from live stream soccer in Group D where Juventus and Atletico (Madrid) compete for leadership are also very interesting. The Turin guests visit the Lokomotiv Moscow and are not allowed to leave if they want to finish first in the group. At the same time the mattresses are guests of Bayer (Leverkusen), which goes without assets. A new loss of aspirin will complicate their task for third place and they are ready to do their best to save the campaign in the Euro tournaments.

From 19, 55 hours

Bayern Munich - Olympiacos

Locomotive Moscow - Juventus

Paris Saint-Germain - Bruges

Real Madrid - Galatasaray

Red Star - Tottenham

Dynamo Zagreb - Shakhtar Donetsk

Atalanta - Manchester City

Bayer Leverkusen - Atletico Madrid

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