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Krasnodar missed the lead

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Krasnodar and Ufa ended at a 1:1 draw in their 17th round of the Russian Premier League. Both goals fell to the break, with Olivier Til giving the lead to the guests in the 14th minute, but in the 26th Ivan Ignatiev equalized. The program gave Krasnodar a chance to top the rankings for at least a few hours, but the players of Murad Mousayev did not take advantage. Against a rival from the bottom of the table, the `bulls` squandered many bonuses and eventually lost two valuable points. Ufa has somewhat stabilized after Dmitry Kirichenko`s arrival, and the good result in Krasnodar is another proof of that. Once again, Olivier Til left an excellent impression. The Luxembourg national opened the score in the 14th minute after Dmitry Zhivglyadov`s low center, but then the match from soccer partners was played almost entirely on one door.

Victor Claeson shot out in a convenient position in the 20th minute and in the 26th Ivan Ignatiev scored 1:1. Mavricio Pereira, who found his teammate with a jewelery pass behind the center, has a great merit. Ignatiev`s speed allowed him to stand alone against Alexander Belenov, and the rest was easy.

Claeson hit the bar until Clauson`s break, after which the hosts pressed his opponent harder in his half. Ivan Ignatiev also shoots in the side pillar, then Christian Kueva missed the ball a meter from the door. In the last few minutes the `bulls` seemed to be disfigured, and Stanislav Criszuk saved them from a loss after a treacherous blow by Ivan Paurevic.





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