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Huddersfield - Manchester United 2: 1

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Manchester United has suffered a first loss since the start of the season after retreating 1: 2 in a visit to the novice Huddersfield. Two goals in five minutes in the first half decided the match. Then Mooney and Depoatre signed up. Marcus Rhapsford, who entered as a reserve, cut in the 78th minute, but the red devils failed to reach a tie even though they dominated the second part. With a strong wind and rain in the second half, Mourinho`s team suffered a first loss from Huddersfield back in 1952. Newcomers fired two goals in the De Hea`s door, with United not allowing a shot in seven of their first eight Premier League gamesleague. The loss has left Manchester United at the top, with the team remaining second, but is now five points behind Manchester City. The two teams started the meeting with caution. Gradually, Mourinho`s team started to dominate the ball possession, but it was hard to reach the dangers of the host`s door. After 20 minutes Ashli Young made it through the middle and almost refused to be incessantly thank you for Lukaku. Shortly after, the United manager had to make a forced move after Phil Jones injured himself. He was replaced by Victor Lindelof. The entry of the Swedish defender brought the change to the match, and United`s defense started to look far more unstable. In the 28th minute Aaron Mooney stole the ball from Mata in the center of the pitch. He advanced and found Paul Ins who fired, De Hea pulled the ball, but she found himself in Mooney and he directed it to the net. Five minutes later Lindelof dropped a long ball sent by host Jonas Losler. The defender did not play with the head and the ball was dealt with by Depoart, who debuted De Hae and made the score 2-0. At the end of the half-time, the Red Devils pushed and Huddersfield`s players had their teeth and nails cleaned up and defended a few centuries before their door, but they did and kept their advance on the break.

Mourinho has played Rashford and Mhhitariyan for the start of the second half. They went into the place of Mata and Marcial, and after the forced change in the first part it meant that the Portuguese made his three shifts at this stage of the match. With the passing of the minutes, United gradually increased the pressure at the opponent`s door and began to create more and more situations. The guests, however, were not correct at the final advised by soccer tips and predictions stage. Ashley Young, Rashford and Herera made inadequate shots of good positions. The 76th minute after Young`s centering after Harera`s shot with his head followed a brilliant rescue of Huddersfield Losler goalkeeper. United still managed to score a goal in the 78th minute when Lukaku took control of the ball on the right wing and with great centering found Rashford in the penalty area and the English national reduced to 2: 1 after a head shot.

At the very end, the visitors` pressure increased and resulted in a series of crankying passes and a few scramble with the opponent`s box. Huddersfield`s defenders managed to cope, and at times their luck helped them. Smoling was close to finishing in the final

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