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Napoli`s president has called for a reduction in the duration of matches

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Napolitano president Aurelio De Laurentias attacked FIFA and UEFA, claiming they are destroying football. He proposes to change the duration of matches and to replace the Champions League by a new tournament where only teams from the top 5 of the European Championships will participate.

We`re ruining soccer. We have to look to the future because all the young people are on video games. We`re sinking right now. You will see after eight years that newly born children will not be interested in football. This is an important industry. Without the retentions imposed by FIFA and UEFA, which return to antiquity, it would have even greater value. Our fault is, we are old idiots. There are boring matches! Football matches via live stream soccer are too long - you fall asleep. You have to play two 30-minute halves with two or three minutes of rest in each of them. If not, what else is the coach? , De Laurentis told Le Parisien.

We have to change everything. Why does European football not work? It must be Europe of England, France, Italy, Germany and Spain. If you make a tournament of five nations instead of the Champions League, with the first four of each league, there are 20 teams. There will be only one match - no exchanged guests. The draw will determine who to host. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will be played in this new tournament. Saturday, Sunday and Monday will be for the domestic championships. This new race would generate revenue of EUR 10 billion, said Napoli`s chief.

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