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Pogba was threatened with a fine by United bosses

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Speculation about Paul Pogba`s future continues to intensify, according to latest British media reports, the French midfielder of Manchester United was threatened with a fine if he spoke the wrong words in the public space. He went to United two years ago for 105m euros, and now candidate for his signature is Barcelona.

The 25-year-old Pogba has spent many years under Jose Mourinho, but he has voted in the match according soccer partners against Leicester and even made him captain. The Portuguese later praised the midfielder for his performance, but the media in England continue to say they both have problems with each other. `I will always do the best for the fans and my teammates, no matter what happens, ` wrote Pigba in Insagram, and most people read this as a continuing dispute with Morwino.

Sunday newspapers published an even more odd statement from Pogba:`There are things I can not say because I will be fined. ` When people trust you, you do not think of side things and it`s a lot easier. for fans, for teammates and for people who trust me.

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