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Napoli`s footballers will pay tribute to Astori

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Napoli`s footballers will bring flowers to Astori, said Repubblica in its current issue. The Azzurri will make bouquets in front of Fiorentina`s ultras before the match mentioned by soccer-capper between the two teams. With this gesture, Maurizio Sarri`s team will honor the ex-captain of La Viola Davide Astori, who died at the beginning of March at a hotel in Udine where he was in a camp with his team.

The Napoleist team has requested permission from the Florentine Club to bring their flowers to Curva Fiesole, where Fiorentina`s ultra ultras are housed. The initiative was taken over by former Astori teammates, including Christian Majo, Luigi Sepe, Jorginio, Hervoye Milic and Lorenzo Insiniere.

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