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The coach of Juve talks about his future and that of Dybala

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Massimiliano Allegri ensures he has no intention of leaving Juventus. His name refers to clubs from England and Pari Saint-Germain. I have said many times that I feel happy here. I have a contract by 2020 and I keep staying, `said Torino, the champion of the champions. The team is on the verge of a compressed cycle of heavy games because it still struggles on three fronts. For us the most important thing is the calcio, and our most important match is next - against Milan on Saturday, assured Allegre.

Then come the Real Madrid Madrid Champions League bouts. Together with Barcelona these are the strongest teams in the world - the specialist is convinced. - We must be ambitious to defeat them and treat this as an event of great importance. At home, Napoli has the advantage of playing only in the championship. For them, this is a very important moment, but that should be the case for us. We have nine meetings in Serie A, of which five are households. Max Allegre laughed at the papers that Paulo Dybala could leave in the summer. Recently it became clear that the young striker had dinner with Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone and this was the occasion for speculation:Dibble in Atletico? I hope at least Simeone has paid him lunch. Paulo must be motivated for the final predicted by soccer betting odds of the season. I think he will ultimately be the holder of the World Cup in Russia. The coach of Juve commented on his recent leader, Leonardo Bonucci, who will be visiting the Rosoner team. He chose to go to Milan, and I did not expect such a thing. Still, he gave a lot to Juventus, and the club gave him a lot. Leonardo remains in the hearts of Juventus` typhus. The evening will be very special to him. It was said, however, that with his departure we would become weaker, but at that time Medi Benathy and Daniele Rugani grew up a lot, added Allegri.

Blog for expert soccer predictions