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VAR decided the clash between England and Italy

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The national soccer teams of England and Italy did not win a winner in a friendly match played at Wembley in London. The duel ended with a score of 1:1, both goals in the match will cause discussions in the coming days. The hosts led by Jamie Vardi in the 26th minute after a quick foul. In the 87th minute, Lorenzo Insierie equalized from a penalty that was awarded after using the VAR system. The result, however, is rather fair in view of what the two teams have shown in the game. The hosts came out with a typical Italian 3-5-2 draw with Jack Butland at the door and Kyle Walker, John Stones and James Tarkowski in defense. Keuron Tripier and Ashley Young were playing midfielders, and Eric Dyer, Alex Dekley-Chamberlain and Jesse Linggard were in the middle of the pitch. Rachim Stirling and Jamie Vardi were in attack.

Italy has bet on this match 4-3-3 with Canluigi Donauru under the frame and Matia De Shilio, Leonardo Boncuci, Daniele Rougani and Davide Tzapacosta in defense. Lorenzo Pellegrini, Marco Parrolo and Zorginio were in the middle of the field and the trio in the attack was composed by Lorenzo Insieire, Ciro Immobile and Antonio Candreva.

Before the start of the meeting, a minute of silence and applause from the stands was paid tribute to Davide Astori, Cyril Reagis and Jimmy Armfield. The first major danger in the match mentioned by soccer partners was on the guests` account. In the 16th mint Antonio Candreva centered on the right and Ciro Immobile headed close, but over the door. The hosts responded with a good opportunity in the 23rd minute. Then Stirling fought for a ball in the middle of the pitch, advanced and cleverly led Vardi behind the defense, but Donoruma had a good position and blocked the striker`s strike. Three minutes later the `Three Lions` led to the result. Stirling advanced through the center and stumbled on the border of the penalty area. The English swiftly executed the penalty, Jessie Linggard handed Jamie Vardi to the penalty and the striker sent the ball to the net for 1:0 without delay. The Italians protested that they had not heard a referee signal, but Dennis Aujkin did not accept their objections and read the naked.

In the 32nd minute, Marco Parrolo took a long shot, but he was over the door and did not worry Jack Butland.

In the 38th minute Ashley Young got a good position in the penalty area and immediately hit, but after a ricochet the ball went to the side. The second part started with a more active game of the hosts and in the 57th minute Oklahda-Chamberlain made a long shot, but right in the hands of Donnarumma. Just a minute later, the events shifted to the other door, and Immobile fired at land, but too weak to make Butland difficult.

In the 62nd minute, Stirling attempted a shot of about 25 meters, which fell straight into the hands of Canluigi Donnarumma.

In the 73nd minute, Lorenzo Insierie fired a good shot from the right in front of the penalty area but did not find the outline of the door. The best position for the guests came in the 79th minute. Then Zorginio with a pass pass brought Insieire behind the defense, the attacker fired at volley, as centimeters deprived him of an equalizing goal.

In the 84th minute Federico Kieza rushed into the penalty area

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