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Juventus again has a dream comeback

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The Juventus team has achieved success. On Tuesday evening, Max Allegre`s players beat 1:0 Atalanta in the first match mentioned by contact soccer tips of the 1/2-Cup Finals of Italy. This is another excellent result in the past few weeks for the title machine and the Bootea wins. But that`s not what has awakened the enormous interest in everything that happens in the black and white game.

Juventus can once again be called a perfect example of excellent defense work, a great organization in every detail of art to defend. The statistics are more than impressive. Bianconers have scored only one goal in the last 14 matches in all tournaments. It is a curious fact that the shot that Juve received was made by former defender Martin Cassares.

All predicted serious problems for the Old Lady, after Leonardo Boncuci left to sign with Milan. The beginning of the team in defense was really difficult. Ten goals scored in the first 10 rounds in Italy. There was also a heavy loss of 3:2 from Sampdoria. These results were furthermore startled by everyone who likes Juventus, but once again Max Alegri demonstrated a perfect sense. He imposed the right players, the exact scheme, and vowed the opposing teams to goal land.

Who is the main culprit for this defense game? The easiest thing to say is that this is thanks to the team work, the overall game of the team in defense. That`s true, there is no controversy, but one name has to be distinguished, which completely changes both its own game and that of the whole team. Mehdi Benathy shines brightly, and he is the man who has basically turned Juve`s defense into what all adherents are accustomed to watching.

The Moroccan footballer arrived in Turin in the summer of 2016 from Bayern (Munich). His first season was extremely controversial, the beginning of this too, but after ranking Morocco in the world in Russia, everything has changed in a positive direction. Benita is among the leaders in Series A on almost all of the benchmarks in the defensive part of the game, and in the feeds where he has almost 90% accuracy in his play. The focus is on the Moroccan, but it can not be noticed the phenomenal work of the two goalies - Wojciech Szksny and the legend Canluigi Buffon. There is no need to analyze Gigi, who is still among the best goalkeepers in the world. It is interesting to pay attention to the Polish national, who has so far had 15 matches in all the tournaments in which he has scored six goals and in the last 10 games he has drawn the ball from his net only one time! The 27-year-old guard just stood under the door frame and made things look easy.

However, we need to look at the tactical ideas that Massimiliano Allegri has greatly altered the overall behavior of the team in defense. Experienced expert bets on a circuit with three in the center of the pitch. Thus black and white look very compact in one of the most important areas. It is precisely this decision of the Italian specialist to give the team another option, different from the usual for the 4-2-3-1 or 3-5-2 Torino Grand Prix. Buildings that are extremely familiar to Juvenile players. The old lady is in

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