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American legend became a coach in Stuttgart

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Former US national Stephen Cherundollo will be an assistant coach of Stuttgart. The 38-year-old defender, who last led the Hannover team to 17 years, joined Ilia Aracic at the headquarters of Typhun Corrupt, who replaced Hannes Wolf. Stuttgart fired Wolf on Sunday after losing 0-0 at Schalke 04.

Cerdundolo has 302 matches with the Hannover team in the Bundesliga and 68 fights in the Second Bundesliga. The American moved to the German team in 1999. From 2010 until the end of his career he was the captain of the team and in 2014 he started a coaching career in the club. The defender also has 87 matches advised by buy soccer predictions for the national team of the United States.

Blog for expert soccer predictions