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Liverpool gave a five-point to his fans for Christmas

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Liverpool fans received an excellent Christmas gift and their lovers greeted them convincingly and five goals in the home against Swansea. Merseyside won 5:0 and returned to fourth place in the standings.

Philippe Coutinho, who took the captain`s line up, opened the score as early as the sixth minute. The Brazilian found his countryman Firmino for the second goal in the match analyzed by all soccer predictions at the beginning of the second part. Two goals in a minute made the score 4:0 after Alexander-Arnold and Firmino scored, and eight minutes before the end, and Oxley-Chamberlain was among the scorers. Liverpool very early opened the result in his home to the last in the Swansea. The Merseysides took the sixth minute after Philippe Coettinho`s extraordinary performance, which led the team with the captain`s band. The guests lost the ball near the center, and after two quick turnouts of Firmino and Salah, the ball reached Kouttinho, who sent it magnificently to the upper left corner of the Fabian.

Jurgen Klop`s team had an advantage at the end of the first half, but it was not so expressive. The Reds controlled the game but did not create much. Emre Zhang tried a stroke that Fabianski had no trouble dealing with. Liverpool organized another few good attacks, but they were not finished.

The young talent Oliver McBarney had an excellent chance to score in the 37th minute, but his shot was blocked by Claval. At the very end of the half-time, Firmino came to a real chance to double the home side`s lead. But the Brazilian shoots off the door.

Since the start of the second half, Liverpool has stepped up and played more aggressively. Merseyside quickly created two dangers, and in the 52nd minute Firmino doubled their advance. Coutinho centered from a foul, and his countryman was left uncovered on the far beam and from the air directed the ball to the net. Klop`s team continued to attack as he stood naked. Leroy Ferre misses one of the rare opportunities for Swansea.

Guests were totally knocked down within a minute. First, Alexander-Arnold made a 3-0 lead after clearing, stole the ball, and immediately fired, and the ball hit the top beam before it landed on the net. Seconds later, Swansea`s defense gave Salah the ball, which advanced and found Firmino in front of the empty door. The great lead allowed Clop to take Salah and Firmino out of the way, putting Lalana and Solanke in the game. But that did not change the approach of Liverpool and the attacks to the opponent`s door did not stop. Eight minutes before the end, Alex Oksley-Chamberlain also scored, and Solanke twice missed a goal. 66)

5:0 - Oxley-Chamberlain (82)


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