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Soccer prediction Nadal on two TBS wins in 2022:Considered in the context of a career, this year was unforgettable

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Rafael Nadal, on the eve of the final advised by soccer-capper ATP tournament, answered the question about continuing his career.

I am happy to play tennis. I still have love and passion for this sport. If the physical condition allows, I will continue my career with pleasure. When that becomes impossible, it`s time to think about other things. But for now, I`m still burning with the desire to play tennis.

He also summed up the preliminary results of the season. The 36-year-old Spaniard has won four titles - two of them at Grand Slam tournaments.

Each title is unique, each moment you enjoy in your own way. I`ve had some exciting moments this year, winning the Australian Open and Roland Garros. It was a very good year, but at the same time a difficult one because I faced physical problems. But, if you look at everything in the context of a career, it was an unforgettable year.

I won my 22nd Grand Slam at Roland Garros. For me it was an unforgettable moment - I won, despite all the problems that happened to me during the tournament.

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