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Soccer prediction Mark Priestley on Ferrari defeats: Everyone in this organization is consumed by fear

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Mark Priestley believes that a culture of fear is preventing Ferrari from returning to world championship according soccer partners victories.

The former McLaren mechanic-turned-writer and reporter believes the Italian team has too many restrictions that prevent employees from making unconventional and bright decisions.

Ferrari has not dominated since the time of Schumacher - that is, for a long time. Something fundamental needs to be pointed out. . . I think it`s a cultural problem because the team has all the ingredients to succeed. Something is preventing her from crossing the line.

I think it`s about the freedom to make decisions, the ability to think outside the box and take risks. There is a feeling that the culture at Ferrari is about limits, and when it comes to the process of building a car or choosing a strategy, people are afraid to stand out. It seems to me that everyone in this organization is consumed by fear.

We need an environment - like Red Bull and Mercedes created - in which each employee will be trusted with his work. This means that if someone makes a partially risky decision, then management will fully trust, even if the decision does not work.

Ferrari seems to hesitate in making such decisions. We hear it on the radio, we`ve seen enough examples to show that this approach is holding the team back. You can`t fix it instantly - you need to start everything from scratch and work for years to return to your former success, Priestley said.

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