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Soccer tips Sampdoria 0:0 Milan, start of the match

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The teams of Sampdoria and Milan play with a score of 0:1 of `Luigi Ferraris` in the last match analyzed by soccer tipsters leicester waited but regained second place after the seventh consecutive win of the tenth round of Serie `A` today.

Stefano Pioli has made five changes after the 4:2 turnaround over Celtic in the Europa League. Injured defender Simon Kjaer was replaced by Mateo Gabia, and Davide Calabria returned as a right back. Sandro Tonali appears in the midfield, and Alexis Salemakers and Braim Diaz are on the wings this time. The attack was again led by Ante Rebic. Thus, the average age of today`s eleven of the `Rossoneri` is only 22 years and 10 months. The hosts are ranked 4-4-2 with Fabio Quagliarella and Manolo Gabiadini in attack.

Sampdoria came out with a special team in this match, and before its start both teams kept a minute of silence in memory of their deceased former player Mario Maraschi. In the eighth minute there was a commotion after a home corner, and in the end Canluigi Donnarumma managed to kill a dangerous header by Lorenzo Tonelli. In the 17th minute, Bartosz Berezinski was forced to leave the field due to a muscle injury. Shortly afterwards, Rebic made a weak shot on the ground, which did not hinder Emil Audero. In the 35th Gabiadini tried a long shot on the ground, but Donnarumma caught the ball without problems. In the 39th Rebic missed a `golden` chance to find the result. Then he overcame Audero and hit the ball with his head, but Tonelli managed to kill it from the goal line.

Sampdoria: Audero, Berezinski, Ferrari, Tonelli, Augelo, Kandreva, Torsby, Silva, Yancto, Gabiadini, Quagliarella
Milan: J. Donnarumma, Calabria, Gabia, Romagnoli, Hernandez, Kesie, Tonali, Salemakers, Chalhanoglu, Diaz, Rebic

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